Advantage Services

In-home Estimates

In-home estimates are FREE for new equipment installation and are performed by trained technicians. The purpose is to assess your current system and perform a comfort analysis. We will provide affordable recommendations for equipment upgrades that will enhance your comfort level.

Service Calls

We offer emergency service calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trained technicians have over 20 years of experience and are happy to assess your existing equipment performance and provide complete pricing for all repairs and installations.

Preventive Maintenance

We offer preventive maintenance agreements where we will regularly inspect and service your equipment. You have the option of selecting semi-annual or quarterly plans. Having regularly scheduled maintenance performed on your HVAC system can extend the life of the system and help to reduce unforeseen repairs.

System Security

When needed, we proudly install steel security caging to help reduce or prevent the likelihood of theft. All of our cages are custom made according to your unit’s dimensions and installation application.

Product Offerings

We have a full line of products for heating, cooling, filtration, and ductless systems, and they all come with the industry’s top warranties. We use top-of-the line brands such as Goodman, Trane, and Honeywell.


We offer several heating solutions (heat pumps, furnaces, package units, and ductless heat pumps) so that all of the homes in our service territory are capable of staying warm. Installation of a new furnace offers greater efficiency and reduces energy consumption, lowering your monthly bills. We offer several options to suit your needs, such as multi-stage 95% gas furnaces.


As with heat, we also offer a whole host of cooling solutions (air conditioners, thermostats, package units) that are capable of keeping your home or business cool during the warmest of summer days. These systems are extremely efficient and are generally longer-lasting than those of the past. We are able to test your system as well to find out if it is working as efficiently as it should be.


We also offer humidifiers, which will add more moisture into the air. This can help with reduction of static electricity and improve energy efficiency.


Dehumidifiers are also provided as a product offering. They are the exact opposite of a humidifier, meaning that they reduce the amount water vapor in the air by cooling the air below the dew point. This can help to prevent mold and mildew.


Filters are used in HVAC systems to remove the dust and excess particles from the air as it goes through the HVAC equipment. The purer the air, the healthier the occupants of the home or business are. Therefore, filters protect the equipment and the people of the home or business. Understand that the higher the MERV rating on the filter, the better it is.

Redesign of Duct Systems

Advantage also offers a fantastic opportunity to our customers by redesigning your duct systems. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that the airflow in your home or business is properly distributed for the most efficient performance of your HVAC system.

Financing Options

At Advantage we always accept all major credit cards. However, we also offer a variety of budgeting programs for those that are approved. Upon successful approval, we can offer financing options with interest rates as low as 9.9%. The terms may differ based on the customer, but one option we offer is a 6-month no-interest program.

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